Get furry - new trends in heels

Are we heading towards a new Ice Age? Some new furry heels in the fall/winter 2013-14 collections help you prepare for the big chill

Are the cold winter in the U.S.A. and Britain part of a shift towards a little ice age? Have the jet streams affected the Gulf Stream? Astrophysicists and meteorologists are arguing, but in the meantime, designers are helping us prepare for the icy winds whirling around your feet. Here are a few select footwarming pieces.

Alberto Moretti's Frou Frou (fall/winter 2013-14, shown above) is a sandal covered in soft red fur with violet sheepskin interiors. The brand's collection for next winter also includes Sympa (shown below), in leopard-print pony, with generously-sized fringes of red fur.

Jimmy Choo's fall/winter 2013-2014 collection includes the court shoe below, with a mink fur cuff that will at least keep your ankles warm. (The collection is all about the foot as an erogenous zone, so a bit of exposed skin is going to be inevitable).

Swiss brand Bally know all about the cold, and the fall/winter 2013-14 collection presented in Milan on 24 February 2013 had some very warming looks, including these furry boots.

Lastly, we can't resist Vivienne Westwood's recipe (fall/winter 2013-14, Gold label) for beating the snow. Just wear boots that take you higher than even the deepest drifts!