Pal Zileri - fall/winter 2013-2014 men's collection

An expression of optimism

On 13 January 2013, in the prestigious setting of the showroom on Corso Matteotti, Milan (inaugurated in June 2012), crowds of critics, journalists and buyers viewed the new Pal Zileri men's collection for fall/winter 2013-2014. It was a dazzling occasion at which there was a palpable sense of optimism.

The Concept Collection was inspired by Easy Virtue, a film set in the British countryside during the 1930s. The colour themes presented three principal tones: dark brown, in a variety of shades reaching light beige; Naples blue, in combinations with violet and mud; and anthracite grey, often used in contrast with wine (a sort of reddish violet), and in a range of lighter grey tones.

As is habitual for Pal Zileri, all the looks showed a meticulous attention to materials, with all workmanship strictly 100% Italian. Garments are crafted using Pal Zileri's exclusive textiles made in Biella, processed using advanced and sophisticated techniques that help make the clothing absolutely unique in its field.

The same guidelines led to a cooperation with the historic Italian woolmakers Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, founded in the early 20th century and with a heritage of success behind it.

The partnership led to the development of the 'Viaggiatore' capsule collection. This translates as 'Traveller,' and it was designed specifically for contemporary men, who are by necessity dynamic globetrotters for whom travel cannot be an excuse to abandon quality garments. On the contrary, this range of clothes ideal for travellers becomes an ambassador for Italian quality garments, made from a yarn with a range of useful characteristics. 'Super 130' is in fact a natural stretch yarn, and the textiles made from it are non-crease, water-resistant and anti-bacterial. In other words, it doesn't crease in your suitcase, fit is always perfect, and it doesn't accumulate any unwanted odour.

Pal Zileri's collection is subdivided into its different lines, amongst which the Concept Collection looks back to the sublime elegance of the 1930s as mentioned above. Linea Lab on the other hand is designed for younger Pal Zileri customers, who nonetheless appreciate fine tailoring and quality materials.

Linea Lab presents three main themes, the Forever Black line with predominantly dark tones relieved by touches of light and almost imperceptible shades of wine; the Blue's Philosophy line, with shades of navy blue in combination with anthracite grey and wine: these garments include stretch fabrics, with meticulous detailing, such as fur linings and camouflage-type colour variations; lastly the Underwood line comprises a range of treatments, shades and combinations, with a powerfully rock feel. We particularly liked the garments in leather together with other materials such as wool, fur and waterproof fabric.

The collection expresses Yvan Benbanaste's commitment, unmistakable taste and love for quality. Pal Zileri's fashion coordinator has created a sophisticated collection that is also innovative and exciting. Ideal for all those who look to the future with optimism, and like the idea of expressing their optimism by means of their style.

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