Alberto Guardiani - fall/winter 2013-2014 men's collection

It's just rock and roll

Alberto Guardiani, the designer who gave us lipstick heels for women, has created what has the potential of becoming another enduring prototype: shark's tooth soles. In the Prima Linea, the Shark's Boot is large, tough and bulky, with a sole featuring the serrated profile that gives it its name, but nonetheless it is extremely light, a result of the advanced research on materials conducted by the brand. The uppers are in contrasting areas of sanded and rubberized calf, and it is the different appearance between these finishes, along with ton sur ton colours and contrasting soles, that form the principal visual motif. Also important in creating the tough masculine look is the exposed stitching.

All in all, the range for fall/winter 2013-2014 is very rock and roll, and some of the Alberto Guardiani classics are confirmed, such as the Aldo shoes with small studs creating patterns over the uppers in models reminiscent of the Chelsea boot and the Oxford lace-up. Materials are pure luxe, such as suede-textured camel leather, horse leather, hi-tech and patent leathers, with velvet detailing.

The Linea Sport features another innovative model, the Tudor Dress shoe. This is a combination of the sporty sole from the Tudor sneakers and glossy, lace-up uppers with a more formal appearance. The resulting shoes have the same streetwise cool that is a hallmark of all Alberto Guardiani's footwear, but in this case they are ideal for a trip into the countryside that could develop into a society aperitifs party.

Zac is a new sneaker in which the soles feature decorative motifs recalling the passage of time, with images of watches. The uppers are in stone-washed lamb.

At the presentation, there was space for the favourite women's models, and we couldn't resist taking a few photos of the iconic Lipstick heels, admiring the lusciously excessive designs. The furry shoe is a masterpiece of tonge-in-cheek kitsch. Also on show were the Flutterby shoes which won the Cinderthriller competition launched to find the new it-shoe. Alberto Guardiani has an unerring talent for creating it-shoes! (Below, Flutterby; further down, a furry version of Lipstick).

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