Salvatore Ferragamo presents the Tramezza Collection

The Special Edition' collection from Salvatore Ferragamo, for the man who relishes the finer things



Men can be exceptionally tricky to buy for come the holidays. Where some follow sports, others study stocks, where some fancy cigars, others prefer their aged scotch, but if there is one playing field modern men of all exclusive preferences can come to stand on, it would be quality – an appreciation for pieces that are long lasting, well made and above all handsome. Which two wardrobe staples are more indicative of quality for a man than his shoes and belts? “Good shoes take you to good places,” goes the old style adage and it rings very true with a brand like Salvatore Ferragamo whose founder was first and foremost concerned with achieving excellence in footwear.

The Special Edition Tramezza collection brings these ideals front and centre presenting a line of seven shoe styles that are naturally hand stained in your choice of four colours and finished in full grain alligator and calfskin. Hearing the words “handmade in Italy,” is enough to make the gents’ eyes light up, but that’s not all these kicks have going for them. We learned that it takes three weeks and 260 precise phases of workmanship to make one pair. Thanks to the signature Ferragamo quality standards, there is also a guarantee of longevity and durability, not to mention impressive features like flexibility and instep memory, in which the shoe moulds to the owner’s foot, in a process that is activated by natural heat.


And if the shoes don’t provide enough bragging rights for the man who thought he had everything, there is also a collection of double Gancino belts to coordinate with them. Hand-wrought according to strict Florentine artisan tradition, these belts are cut, forged and finished to ensure a permanent colour and high quality level. Because this is a custom process performed by hand, you can choose to combine different metals and buckle styles with your selection of fine material be it calf, crocodile or ostrich leather.

The finishing touches to this package include soft Alcantara travel cases, special cleaning cloths and a dedicated passport guide that outlines the important details of the collection providing the owner with intel on how the product has been made as well as care instructions on how to keep them at their best.

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