Chanel - spring 2013

Lagerfeld brings a dose of Eco Friendly to the equation



One of the biggest productions of the fashion week calendar, Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld knows how to entertain. This season, it was all eco friendly, with solar panels as the runway, and a giant wind farm constructed in the Grand Palais. The solar panel print was quite a favourite of Chanel this season, as it was also used as a print on a sequin dress.

Was Lagerfeld making a statement about sustainability, global warming or showing us a new “green” direction for the house of Chanel? It’s possible, but at the same time, those classic Chanel elements we all swoon over were there in full force- the pearls, the tweed, the black-capped toes and statement accessories, like this season’s wide brimmed transparent hat. The new Chanel ‘it’ bag of the season was presented, a giant hula-hoop beach bag, complete with quilted Chanel leather.

The shoes for Spring are a retro-inspired chunky platform, with multi-coloured soles and rounded toes. The shapes this season are more fluid and voluminous. Combining things like sequins and tweed, and creating new Chanel prints for spring, this collection by Lagerfeld had a youthful energy that we can all support.