Damir Doma - spring 2013

Wearable colour



Season after season, we look forward to the creativity that comes from Croatian-born designer, Damir Doma. As one of the most celebrated young designers in fashion today, Doma continues to solidify his cult status with collections that define the season. His talent to reinterpret feminine dressing, and present unexpected silhouettes and textures in a very wearable way is perhaps why we love him most.

This season, Doma’s collection is all about architectural pieces, solids and neutrals accented by pops of color, full volume silhouettes, and of course, the accessories. The utilitarian elements in his designs gave the collection an undeniable menswear feeling, but the rich textiles and bright jewel tones, bits of flowing silk, and sexy heels (made in collaboration with his jewelry designer sister, Dorotea Doma) kept it feeling feminine.

The eyewear in the collection was of particular interest, as it is part of Doma’s new collaboration with Mykita. The modern round frames are made of natural materials, a nod to Doma’s respect for the foundation of all living things, the earth. The spirituality with which Doma creates his designs is evident in the final product, as the artistic quality of his pieces brings light to his talent as a creator.

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