Moschino - spring 2013

Precisely-drawn outlines in a collection that is as ironic as ever



The two major themes in the collection are black outlines, and flowers. In the first case, pockets and other details are drawn, outlined in heavy black lines, and collars are hatched, as if in a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Helmet-like hat and heavily-rimmed sunglasses like motorcycle goggles. Sometimes the lines are wavy, like stylized waves on the sea, and sometimes they make simple motifs such as the classic Moschino heart, a flower petal arrangement, a ton-sur-ton grid pattern. When the colour arrives, Liechtenstein gives way to Mondrian and Vasarely. The shapes are, like the art, reminiscent of the 1960s, with short dresses, Barbarella hair and some metallic looks.

The second theme, daisy-like flower motifs, develops from the first, with panesl of decorative flowers separated by lines in black or other colours.

More formal and eveningwear features a lot of openwork and some transparency, with lacy details at collar and cuffs. The black outlines are still there, creating a reference back to the first theme.

Bags are lovely, bright-coloured blocks of Lego, while sandals are also replete in studs or crystal. Heavy metallic bracelets and earrings.

Moschino's Rossella Jardini succeeds once again in creating a collection striking for its originality and the constant presence of a leitmotif. After the initial inspiration, it is transformed into a variety of versions. The results are always joyous, sometimes humorous, and often with pure revelry in the world of line and colour.

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