Ports 1961 - spring 2013

Diaphanous white and yellow garments reminiscent of Aphrodite and Co.



Diaphanous, slender, fragile women cloaked in a sequence of layers, with vertically-ribbed undergarments that recall the fluting of columns and the pleating of the robes worn by caryatids in Ancient Greek sculpture. The dominant colour is white, in a sequence that starts from a semi-transparent veil over the bust to a two-part skirt in lace and voile. Sometimes the dress is comprised of diagonally-moving drapes that fold and follow the figure in the best traditions of classical sculpture. The other colours in the collection are a lovely antique pink satin with a busy print pattern, black, primrose yellow, pale green, pink, and coral red. Necklines feature coils of transparent beads.

Footwear is unobtrusive, flat-soled sandals. Bags are large, in colours matching the garments

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