Emporio Armani spring 2013

New sartorial cuts for work and play time



Emporio Armani spring/summer 2013 was a lighter departure from Giorgio Armani's most recent downtown-inspired collections for his diffusion brand. A lot of pretty came to the party with bias-cut blouses, diagonally sliced skirts and bib-like shift dresses. There was something for every girl whether work or play, we particularly fancied the laser cut tan jackets and dresses. Iridescent satin in Mother of Pearl, purple and blue covered evening looks, with a lot of jacket/skirt combinations. Mood wise, the designer had an all-Italian musical playlist and models occasionally walking out two by two (typical of an Armani runway). Smiling also seemed to be encouraged among the models which was a refreshing change from the more somber-faced set.

Accessory wise, the metallic pointy-toed heels looked tricky to walk in for all the models who were unlucky enough to have them be a part of their look, while the flat variant of the shoe fared much better - flats on the runway, also refreshing to see! Handheld oversized clutches and halfmoon bags gave the collection a galactic sort of vibe alongside the shimmery fabrics. Armani continues to defy the draw of past decades, his shows continue to be about the future of fashion, daring new cuts and lots of leg!

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