Velvet jackets for men Featured

Suit up with the plushest trend for the season

Velvet jackets are a menswear fixture for fall and personally speaking, it's a trend we  adore. What was once too much is now not enough with the hottest designer brands decking their boys out in full velvet from blazers to pants, ties and even pocket squares. For this post we'll focus on jackets and coats to help you get your velvet fix...

Dolce & Gabbana

The first step to purchasing a velvet wardrobe item is to understand the fibre and not be intimidated by it. Yes velvet is associated as being a regal textile. Yes it is lavish and decadent. But these opulent factors don't take away from the fact that it is classy as hell and can work even for you white collar workplace gents in the daytime if you pick the right colour and silhouette to suit.

Two-button purple velvet evening jacket, Brioni

Because of velvet’s rich aesthetic, it makes a strong impression for formal occasions as its multidimensional texture catches the light in a more captivating way than a flat wool will. Opt for a velvet vest and jacket combo paired with wool trousers to create a more studied and elegant ensemble that sets you apart from the rest of the chaps.

Browns and blues in the velvet department at Etro

You'd be surprised to see how 'everyday' velvet can be worked in with a pair of jeans, chinos or wool pants. In line at the grocery store the other night, I saw a sharply dressed Milanese man rock a violet velvet blazer worn over top a white dress shirt, black v-neck pullover and black jeans - perfection. Just work with a slim cut and a dark, understated hue - the flatter the velvet looks, (no cushioned fabric) the better.

Olive green velvet blazer with pockets, Richard James

Our advice is to get a jacket that could work for both day and night, a solid velvet jacket will do wonders for your bar scene wardrobe and can seamlessly transition when you need a quick outfit for a formal event like a last minute wedding invite.

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