Marc Jacobs - Spring 2013 Featured

Say it with stripes

NEW YORK  - Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2013 had an Andy Warhol Factory theme to it. Chock full of stripes, we were half expecting to see a teenage Winona Ryder run out, closely followed by Michael Keaton on her heels. While Jacobs managed to keep the kitsch and camp out of his pieces, the geometric overload felt a little more fall/winter than summer.

As observed by's Tim Blanks, the heroine of the collection was a Sixties-era Edie Sedgwick in all her heavy eyeliner, slick bobbed glory. While we're not 100% convinced on the season, Jacobs does do wonders with stripes, especially in the use of leather, silk and satin to create both a visual and tactile contrast. It's also interesting to see Jacobs work with a distinct pattern, not once but twice this year following his collaboration with dot-centric artist Yayoi Kusama for this season's Louis Vuitton capsule collection.

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