Valentino introduces Valentina Assoluto Featured

The sumptuous scent of couture

Can you bottle the lustre of a lace gown or the feel of a sophisticated dinner party in a Roman palazzo? Valentino aims to do just that with its Valentina and now Valentina Assoluto parfums. Encompassing the concepts of sensual grace and magnetic femininity, Danish supermodel Freja Beha is once again cast in the role of Valentina, the Italian socialite whom the parfum's story centres around.

Different from the original scent, the maison describes Assoluto as having a strong intensity. Master perfumer Olivier Cresp has recreated the quintessence of Valentina by adding distinctly Italian smells: the freshness and exuberance of Calabrese bergamot and white Alba truffle blend into notes of a rich Sicilian Smeggia peach. From these fragrant notes blossoms a bouquet of jasmine and tuberose, touched by delicate vanilla. Finally, cedar opens the way to oak moss and patchouli - a mark of the chypre signature.

Collector's Piece

The art object Assoluto bottle is a distinctive salute to the sumptuous character of Valentina. It is made of brown opaline glass and illuminated with amber reflections, Adorned with one large flower - an emblem of Valentino couture. The sleek, luxurious bottle has an ornate copper cap, topped by a black pearl, which you press down on gracefully to spray youself with this elegant essence. The fragrance also comes in a box decorated with a floral pattern in relief.

Valentino fall/winter 2012-13 couture

Valentino fall/winter 2012-13 ready-to-wear