Eccentric Elegance by Monies Featured

Unique pieces at Danish designer Monies's Akaretler shop

An art gallery or a jewellery store? This is the first question you ask yourself when you enter the Monies shop located on the cobblestoned Åžair Nedim Street of Istanbul’s Akaretler district. Apart from the ubiquitous art and design galleries along the street, the question comes from the shopfront, which welcomes lovers of distinctive jewellery with its gathering of black wooden statues used as mannequins. The answer is “yes Monies is both.”

The glamorous pieces lushly placed on the statues, are in fact much like unique objets d’art. Copenhagen-based designer couple Gerda and Nikolai Monies create each piece by tastefully combining bones, fossils, horns, stones or any other natural material that has been given its own special quality by nature itself. As a result of working together since the early 1970s, the art of their craft is to bring those colours, textures and shapes together in a synthesis of drama and individuality.

And individuality is key at Monies. There is no doubt that a woman with the taste and courage to sport a Monies piece will be recognized, and revered for these very qualities. As the brand’s motto goes: “there is no room for modesty!”

Throw on a little black dress and spruce it up with a string of smooth golden river rocks or one of the hefty pieces of purple amethyst with its soothing qualities. This sort of jewellery is so different, because you yourself have become a showcase for a work of art.