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How to make your vacation lifestyle all the more tasteful

Summertime and the living is exclusive. It's time to gas up the boat, head to those white sandy beaches and lay your Hermès towel on the shore to soak up the rays. The French maison has long prided itself on its array of luxury products that enable you to live a more elegant and stylish life in everything you do.

From interior design to scented drawers sheets, bicycles and ashtrays, their selection seems to be inexhaustible. We took a survey of Hermès' assets and came up with a few extras to pick up for the season...

Throw in the Towel

    This terry towel depicts a scene from the     Normandy coast’s seaside resorts

Padlock Perfume
A natural spray case designed to partner with the brand's leather goods. Slip it into your bag to spritz yourself throughout the day. Available with a silver or gold finish, fill it with one of the brand's signature fragrances like the Calèche, 24 Faubourg, Kelly Calèche or Parfum des Merveilles.


 Be the toast of the garden party calendar with a smart set of dishes in lacquered wood. This collection of ten subtly shaded dishes take on the form of a sea-swell when stacked. They
are hand-crafted and hand-lacquered in Vietnam according to a traditional ancestral technique.


In perfect beach form, this pleated visor in terry cotton jersey and silk is a handsome play on bath and fashion

Tech Take Away

8 GB worth of handsome flash drive digital space, encased in a Barénia
calfskin or Swift calfskin protective leather case. If you absolutely have to take your work on vacation, might as well do it stylishly...

Picnic Basket
Pack your sandwiches and water bottles for a day in the park in this wicker and calfskin Garden picnic bag.

Hot Wheels

Ride around town on this signature black and orange bicycle. Makes a great companion for a leisurely morning bike ride along the coast.




The perfect luxe object to while away the hours, measure how long you've been out in the sun or mark the end of an amicable game between friends. Crafted in Murano glass, it was created especially for Hermès by Marco Mencacci in a limited edition of just 24. Fitting as it measures out exactly 24 minutes.


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