Designer Beachwear - the 5 musts Featured

Set swim in the hottest bathing suit styles

SWIMSUIT TRENDS - It's the moment we've all been dieting for... summer 2012! Bring on the white sands of St. Tropez, gas up the yachts for Capri, because we are ready to make a splash! And of course you'll be doing it in style, because you've our five designer beachwear rules to keep you flawless...

1. HIGH-WAISTED... is in again - good news for the tummy-conscious! The vintage pin-up look is back in full swing.

Tory Burch

2. WRAP IT UP - never leave the shore without your trusted wrap, preferably one that matches your swimsuit.


3. EMBELLISH - jewels, ropes, mesh, frills you name it, beachwear gets fancy this season so look your best.

Shrivan Narresh

4. ACCESSORIZE - your day at the beach is always better when you prep for it - bring a colourful bag that's easy to pinpoint from the water with ample space for your beach reading and sun creams.

Louis Vuitton

5. COLOUR IN - it's summer time sweetheart, if you don't rock that electric blue now, when will you?

La Perla

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