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Get in the mood for summer with this playful romp in St. Tropez

Summertime sweethearts in St. Tropez, it doesn't get any better than this! Dior
has just released its Director's Cut of "...And Dior Created Woman," a visually
stunning celebration of all things retro chic. The French maison tapped Swedish
Director Jonas Akerlund to direct the charming short, which takes its inspiration
from Roger Vadim's sensually-charged 1956 film " ...And God Created Woman,"
starring Brigitte Bardot as the beautiful sexpot who loves one brother, but marries
the other.

Stepping into Brigitte's shoes is supermodel Daphne Groeneveld. Groeneveld
proves she's got star power off the catwalk as Dior's bubbly, brazen and loveable
heroine soaking up the sun on the beach, changing outfits behind her leopard
screen, hitting the town for a drink and a  dance and blowing kisses to her many
male suitors. Her secret? A sparkling scent with a hint of attitude. Check out the
film here above and embrace your own carefree summer spirit!

Marion Cotillard stars in the  L.A.dy Dior film

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