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To the French woman, the choice of intimate wear has been just as critical as that of outerwear since the turn of the 19th century. Nowadays, thanks to the fine fabrics and creative minds of the French design world, the undergarment has evolved over the last two centuries to become a thing of beauty, a symbol of luxury, and a couture creation of its own.

One of the first French luxury lingerie brands, Cadolle, made its mark during the 1889 World’s Fair when the Eiffel Tower forever became the lasting symbol of Paris. Revolutionary businesswoman Herminie Cadolle brought a genius new idea to the table that would change women’s lingerie forever.

Odile de Changy, after a summer trip to her family chateau, discovered drawers of lingerie from a bygone era, Odile was inspired to recreate the romance. Drawing upon the richness of lingerie history and lace making, Odile creates vintage-inspired intimates. In her workshop in the Marais, like a 19th century boudoir, old photographs of her mother, grandmother and other women whom she admires surround Odile as she works. To her, lingerie represents the soul’s independence, which she brings to life by mixing quality laces from Calais, delicate French silks, and the poetry of the olden days.

In the spirit of haute couture lingerie-making, Carine Gilson reigns supreme. Among luxury, handmade undergarments made from the finest materials, her Lingerie Couture line is considered the best.

Considered an art form, couture lingerie in particular symbolizes the refined beauty and distinct power of the woman wearing it. Today, lingerie is one of the most unique luxury markets in France, and an especially delightful souvenir to take home after a trip to Paris.

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