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Iconic handbags take you for a walk on the wild side

With their exceptional lightness, durability and softness, every Zagliani creation is a contemporary classic, and production processes among the master craftsmen at the Milanese atelier have changed little in the past 65 years. Just as high jewellery takes an exceptional gemstone and builds the design around it, so with each Zagliani bag the skin is the starting point - selected and worked in reverence of its natural qualities, pattern and features, to preserve its unique personality that in turn reflects that of its owner.

In 1947, the Milanese atelier opened and still remains the heartbeat of production today. Everything then was handcrafted in much the same way as it is nowadays. Each station of the atelier is designated to a different, vital element of the organic manufacturing process. Initially, the skins are selected and inspected. At the next table, the bag's pattern is placed over the skin, before being cut. Next comes the creating and shaping of each element of the bag. Every feature is carefully constructed by hand. Then, the bag takes shape as the handles are stitched and the internal lining assembled. Finally come the finishes: buttons, zips and embellishments, before the skin is polished and a masterpiece is made, ready for display.

This season, the house enters new and evermore exotic terrains: gracing skins of crocodile, python, karung and ostrich are daring pairings with luxurious fox fur and mink embellishments. It is the first time Zagliani has experimented with fur, and the result is a cutting edge collection that's a faithful evolution of the house's classic yet uniquely timeless signature style.

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