Cruciani - Cashmere Conduct Featured

Italian maison Cruciani shows us that excellence in knitwear is just the beginning

Masters in cashmere production, the Italian house of Cruciani has been a standout in manufacturing and design for two decades. Their story begins and continues today in the picturesque region of Umbria, where founder Luca Caprai launched Cruciani in 1991. Before you hit their boutique, read on for the inside story.

Creating fine garments is no small enterprise, especially when working with a premium, ultra-soft fabric such as cashmere. Caprai’s esteem for Italian craftsmanship stems from growing up in a business of fine product manufacturing. Following by example, Cruciani prides itself on an impeccable attention to detail where every product is made with the very best materials and yarns, sourced from around the world. Each piece is produced entirely in Italy from start to finish with materials varying from cashmere and silk to vicuna, leather, wool and cotton. The process starts with all raw materials being specially stored to age them. This brings out each material’s best qualities, in the same vein as one does with a fine vintage wine.

Masters in manufacturing

Putting the fine in finer, Cruciani develops its own original materials in-house such as yarns, which originate from fibres that are almost seven times finer than human hair. Their signature ‘Cullinan’ and ‘Diamante Rosso’ yarns have been certified unique by fabric classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Once the materials are ready, the Cruciani Style Centre draws upon its library of over 4,000 different colour recipes to decide upon the respective colours for each new collection. It takes four times longer than normal to produce each individual knitwear piece, which is then submitted to rigorous quality control.

Thanks to the company’s continued research in precious materials and innovative methods, Cruciani has expanded its expertise from knitwear to full ready-to-wear clothing collections and exclusive accessories. Expect to see new blends of suede-silk, silk-linen, cotton-linen, and cotton-cashmere in store. Experience the touch of these super-fine materials for yourself and your view on clothes will never be the same.

Must-haves for the season

Additions to Cruciani’s artisan-quality offerings include sumptuous handbags and charming bracelets. Fast gaining a cult-like status among Italian socialites is the ‘Sofia bag.’ Hallmarked by its iconic frame silhouette, ‘Sofia’ is fashioned in lavish materials with a golden snap closure. The bag is back again this season in bright colours and exotic textures from apricot ostrich and lime python to jacquard-printed French calf. The ‘Sofia’ is available exclusively by order, which can be made in a Cruciani boutique. For a sweet memento of summer, the new needlework bracelets are the perfect good luck charm available in 30 different colours for single purchase or in a silk satin pack. So now that you know what Cruciani is all about, head to their boutique for a healthy fashion dose of ‘Made in Italy.’

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