Men - top ten accessories for getting noticed by women Featured

The objects that create a good impression on a first date

This is the scenario: you have to get ready for that first date. What to wear is one thing, but then there are those details that could make the difference. Some items are definitely good, while others are a no-no in any situation! LUXOS ran a survey to identify the top ten men's accessories as seen through women's eyes.


1. At the top of the list, shoes. Almost a quarter of the women interviewed said that shoes were an essential factor. "Shoes are important for a good first impression. If they're pointed, it's a bad first impression."


2. Close behind comes the wristwatch, at 19%. Women who know about quality watches can of course immediately tell the difference between a quartz and a mechanical watch: "I really notice the watch, because it shows the difference between someone with no sense of taste and a real gentleman." Of course, gents have to take care with how they treat this accessory. "The really important thing is that he mustn't look at it! That would be a really bad sign!"


3. After this, there are cufflinks, and of course the attendant French cuff shirts. "I give good marks to cufflinks, they are a little old-fashioned, and so unconventional and interesting."


4. Then we have hats, which require extra care. It's not so much what you wear, but how you wear it. In the summer season, a classic Borsalino would be out of place, but the brand makes some great lightweight versions that are ideal.


5. The belt may seem an unimportant accessory but nonetheless it is a detail that is noticed right away. "I appreciate an attempt to coordinate the belt with shoes, or jacket, or another detail."


6. It's not inconceivable that you arrive at a first date with a briefcase, and this speaks volumes. It can be a hard leather briefcase or a more informal soft-sided satchel-type bag. "Softer bags communicate sensitivity and understanding – just think of doctors and their bedside manner – while rigid briefcases give more the idea of the high-flying tycoon."


7. Sooner or later it's going to have to come out of your pocket, and the wallet in fact is at ground zero for spotlighting your identity. The black leather wallet is a timeless classic. Choose carefully because, if you like it, it will be with you for ever.


8. In summer, eyewear will be noticed, and above all the way that you have chosen it. Every face needs the right eyewear shape, and just because those Oakley shades looked great on Keanu Reeves in Matrix doesn't mean that they'll look good on you.


9. Technology moves forwards all the time, and while all iPads look the same, there are lots of iPad cases in which to carry them. Some are distinctively branded, with colours ranging from classic leather to high-tech fluo.

10. "I like to see a touch of originality that contrasts with an overall muted and classic style, particularly when it takes the form of a scarf worn with style and nonchalance." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Perhaps equally important are the accessories to be avoided. White socks. Short socks. Short white socks. Bandanas, baseball caps, bluetooth ("makes him look like a bodyguard"), bow tie, braces, cycle clips, money clips, a vest under the shirt, short-sleeved shirt, a bag with a shoulder strap. Best of luck and shop wisely!