Etro menswear spring-summer 2012 Featured

Polka dots and paisley

That paisley-print jacket in blue and white is amazing. Kean Etro has drawn on contrasts, in textures, colours and shape. There's a lot of muted green and beige, but also some dramatically bright reds and blues particularly in the more formal wear. Overcoats over short trousers may seem eccentric, and there is a lot of eccentricity here, though in the end the wonderfully decorative print patterns win through, whether on trousers, waistcoats, jackets or scarves. Refreshing originality in the giant pin stripe or tartan suits. The polka-dot suit is also a true tour-de-force.

It's difficult to place the overall feel. The company's press release describes Mediterranean vegetation, but the image that comes across is more that of a contemporary grand tour aesthete visiting the Cote d'Azur with all that he needs packed into one of the carpet bags in the collection. Circular straw hats complete this downbeat travel character. Can't wait to try out the polka dots!

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