Blumarine - women's fall/winter 2012-2013

Anna Molinari brings us a fearless and fabulous new collection

MILAN Anna Molinari never ceases to push the fashion envelope and the new Blumarine fall/winter 2012-13 collection was proof of this. The antithesis of drab and sober, it was boldly coloured (yellow, neon blue, lime green, hot pink, glittery silver and more), flashy with shiny metallic textures and giant hoop earrings and most of all vivacious, without apologies. Everyone in the white wrapped hall of Milan landmark building Palazzo Serbelloni was swaying their head or tapping their toes to the beat of  the provocative Azelia Banks’ track ‘212.’ Models came storming down the runway to the beat with unabashed confidence and sex appeal making for great entertainment.The mood contined with M.I.A.’s ‘Bad Girls’ which was appropriately fitting for these unapologetic hotties, lastly, the tone shifted to a seductive Spanish acoustic Miremos al Manana by Caceres.

Smiles were boundless, everyone at the show would agree that it was simply great fun to be there and see these bright and glamorous pieces whizzing before our eyes. Where else on a Friday afternoon will you spot a bulkly Mongolian lamb coat in fuchsia bouncing towards you after all? The metallic trend of several years back was here full force in leather jackets, mini-skirts, shorts and trousers while shimmery disco-diva gowns with plunging backs stole the show. When it came to footwear, hig-heeled moonboots resembling intergalactic parkas took us by surpise and worked uncannily well with the ensembles. The ultimate party girl collection, for the fearless, shiny and leopard-loving lot.

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