Giuseppe Zanotti Design - women's fall/winter 2012-2013 Featured

the Cinderella slipper goes sky-high glam

MILAN - The showroom at Giuseppe Zanotti Design is always a hot place to be during fashion week. Once again this season, the neoclassic apartment teeming with sexy and irreverent women's footwear and accessories was a haven for celebrities such as the likes of Italian showgirl Belen Rodriguez, media, journalists and buyers all looking to get a first peek at Zanotti's latest goods.

Exchanging a few words with designer he gave us some insight into the punchy platforms, colourful suede booties and crystal-embellished heels.He cited 1980s Paris shop windows such as those of Mugler, "I infused these memories with a punk/rock´n´roll twist, creating low ankle boots with zipped turn down cuffs, after the style of the Perfecto biker jacket; rhinestones appear as studs and endow precious cowboy-style boots with amazing sparkle: 6,000 tiny crystals meticulously applied by hand, one by one," Zanotti explains.

The collection continues the brand's signature sharp edges, loved by many a Billboard Chart songstress. The galactic like ankle boots donned by the likes of Lady Gaga now feature a distinct “break” between heels and uppers, the sneaker style inspired last year by Kanye West returns in shimmery silver and other metallic variations and the classic high heel now has its own metallic hue to it with a slim and sensuous silver backing.

When we polled Zanotti on his inspirations for the season he echoes his time-tested philosophy of looking to his female contemporaries to see what they want in a shoe, " The most enticing challenge for me is to let women be my guide, to get closer to their sensitivities and transformations, their iconoclastic attitude to fashion. To these women I say, ‘Here are the ingredients, my shoes; do what you will. Construct your style around them, use them to express your own world, to enhance your contradictions." Bravo Signore Zanotti, the man who knows what women want: in shoes.

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