Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2012 Featured

LUXOS looks at the new cool chic styles from the iconic French maison

MILAN - Louis Vuitton unveiled its new Pre-Fall 2012 womens wear collection in Milan last night. Ushered into the decadent Palazzo Morando, we found that in just a few mere steps we were transported to a Parisian realm. A smiling model sat playfully perched on a park bench sporting a beret and a glittery, cady yellow baby doll dress (the yellow being a sweet remembrance of the summer season). Another model was prim and proper sporting a chignon and matching checkered balmacaan jacket and skirt. Velvet mixed with leather, smoking outfits and bold leopard are major players in the new collection along with extravagant accessories such as fur-covered heels and the lovely little it-bag clutches from the Spring 2012 collection, revamped in autumnal hues with chained shoulder straps.

Marc Jacobs dresses to impress for the transitional season between summer and full fledge fall. His cool-chic persona is evident in the ultra feminine pieces that are strengthened with masculine style touches. He grabbed inspiration from the likes of French architect Charlotte Perriand, who famously created living spaces with the philosophy that better design influenced lifestyle and society. This concept of a better existence due to a better surrounding is beautifully transferred onto the clothes and accessories – we for one would be happy to move into a signature feminine motorcycle jacket (proposed in beige this season) and peach dress covered in a black floral motif. We live in our clothes more than we do in our own dwellings, so if the design is exceptional, so too are our lives. The clothes make the woman after all.

In the last stunning room of the palazzo, we found the other accessory that makes a woman’s wardrobe: Louis Vuitton’s classic Epi Leather bags in stunning shoulder satchel styles and the iconic structured handheld Alma design. Their new Speedy styles were also prominently on display. Since these Louis Vuitton designs are based on improving your environment, we’d say it’s definitely time to move them in!

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