Sunglass trends for spring Featured

LUXOS looks at the newest eyewear styles

Sunglasses, a classic accessory for the summer, the shades that protect our eyes from the sun. There are all sorts of style icons for sunglasses, such as the ‘John Lennon’ and ‘Janis Joplin’ versions, and the more recent ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Harry Potter’ types. The designs available are never-ending for an object that immediately becomes a hallmark of whatever personality, whether a film star, television starlet or musician. This means, of course, that you too can choose exactly the model that suits you best, whether it be vintage, aviator, cat-eye or wrap-around. Whatever your style and face shape, there is bound to be that perfect pair of sunglasses designed to match you.

The must-have shades for the summer season by Versace have a 1970s style, with rounded silhouettes and an interesting colour palette that runs from the classic blacks and browns through to opal Havana red, bordeaux, lilac and sand. The top of the range from Versace is the model VE2124, which has the Medusa motif on the reflective lenses. You could opt for the ultrachic silver glitter and streaky purple versions with harmonizing gradient lenses, or the more lively gold and blue-coloured versions with reflective lenses and Medusa motif.

The Prada women's collection for spring/summer 2012 expresses a sexy glamour and transforms it into something modern and interesting, such as the large circular shapes that express a slightly retro style. The acetate frames are large and lightweight, like a butterfly's wings, and they are in new colours, such as cameo, ivory, pumice and ruby, while not forgetting the powder nuances so beloved by Miuccia. The Illusion sunglasses are the glam icon of the international jet-set, with their ski-goggles look. Absolutely irresistible.

New entries in the Tiffany & Co. collection have jewel-like frames that shine like gems, transporting their fashionable owners into a dream of flowers and butterflies that gently come to rest on the lenses and arms. The range also includes an aviator model with a dragonfly on the corner of gradient lenses. The Keys model that highlights the maison's symbol of love – the key to a heart – it appears on the frame arm attached to squared, acetate lenses.

Ray-Ban is concentrating on vintage styles and re-interpretations of its historic models. Aviator, Round Metal, Meteor and Laramie are available with new crystal lenses tinted blue, pink and green. We fancy the reinterpretation of the Wayfarer model, brought to everlasting fame by Audrey Hepburn when she wore them in “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” The result of a careful redesign, the model retains the symbolic features that hallmark it, but have a more comfortable and practical fit.

Oakley has also opted for a relaunch of its classics. The Frogskins model is a tribute to disco culture, with its highlights of coloured neon, padded shoulders and mullet hairstyles – short at the sides and long at the back – updated with several new high-tech features. The limited edition Blacklight version, has lenses that reflect light in a rainbow of colours. It provides optimum protection from ultraviolet rays and ensures perfect vision, while the frames react to black light with a fluorescent glow.

Classical, minimalistic and cat-eye like with a touch of Fifties inspiration, these are the new features proposed by Persol. Their new collection is rife with technological innovation, boasting a combination of two filters that gives lenses the capability to change their colour gradient according to light intensity. This ensures perfect vision regardless of weather conditions.

Last but not least, are the eco-friendly sunglasses by Stella McCartney. The collection consists of two acetate sunglass models, and three in metal, available in a wide range of neutral colours. They are the result of research conducted to increase the use of naturally sourced, raw materials, such as castor oil and citric acid. Perhaps the British designer has inherited her parents’ ecological spirit? Sir Paul is know for being fervently green. Whatever your stance on style or ecology, you can look forward to trying them all out in the mirror to find that perfect pair.