Brunello Cucinelli - Spring Summer 2012 men's collection Featured

The theme is based on the romance of exploration

Brunello Cucinelli's spring summer 2012 men’s collection is on the theme of exploration: unknown oceans, mysterious damp forests, inaccessible peaks, desolate moors, deserts, and sky. The Italian brand has transferred this romantic view of life to the city, stage for our daily adventures. The looks feature safari jackets, parkas, and jackets made of light and strong materials such as double or triple twisted cottons or parachute fabric. Cargo pants or darted trousers are worn with leather aviator jackets in warm shades of cigar brown and tobacco.Trousers made of cotton in natural earth tones (chalk, cigar brown, camel, putty, and dusty beige) are made using a special enzyme treatment that give them a gently used appearance and a comfortable feel.

Light cashmere or cotton knits are in a wide range of pastel colors with greyish, mélange, faded, and dusty tones.For sailing buffs or sporty types, heavy cotton pullovers are ideal for surviving the nighttime chill during summer evenings at sea.

Cotton or piqué T-shirts come in an ample range of mélange colors that, together with the ultra-light piqué or striped Oxford cotton shirts, add a refreshing touch to the men’s spring/summer collection. For more formal occasions, there are contemporary ‘new formal’ suits that can be worn for work or in the evening at more formal affairs. Made of superb light fabrics, they have a slim-fit silhouette, and are rendered highly contemporary by a range of accessories.

The footwear collection moves between these two worlds and presents a selection of driving mocassins, boat shoes and ultra-light desert boots that are perfect for leisure time, as well as a line of more formal shoes with sleek lines but always with a slightly vintage look.

Canvas and cotton bags and duffle bags with leather trim resemble the travel sacks used by explorers. Wallets and more sophisticated key chains, sometimes in silver, complete the collection together with a series of accessories for cigar connoisseurs that evoke the smoky atmospheres of colonial settings.

Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli is an unusual player in the world of fashion. He founded his company in 1978 to produce women’s cashmere sweaters, but soon transformed the cashmere knitwear industry with his innovative, boldly colored sweaters and caught the attention of a whole new generation of luxury consumers. Cucinelli focused on providing light, two-ply cashmere sweaters that, unlike the more common heavyweight cashmere knits, were light enough to be worn in the office and at home. He has since has since diversified into men's sweaters as well. Cucinelli works in a 14th-century medieval castle in the rural hamlet of Solomeo, his hometown, near Perugia, and uses only the finest raw materials to create his sweaters.