Etro - feathers and finery Featured

A dazzling display of pattern and colour at the fall-winter 2012-2013 men's fashion shows in Milan

Just as in previous years, this year Etro has found inspiration from the animal world for its new collection. Last year it was cowhide, but for fall-winter 2012-2013, the principal motif is feathers, which transform all the garments in the collection, from formal wear to leisure and everyday clothing. This was expressed by the silhouetted, animated forms appearing behind the blue curtain backdrop of the fashion show. Feathers do not dominate the look, but become accessories and details, providing precious notes of decoration. THey are iridescent, glossy motifs that immediately capture the gaze.


Garments acquire a new role in addition to their function as protection, warmth and a means of communication. They are likened to the legendary figure of Pegasus, expressing a flight towards a new world, leaving behind everything that you have known up until this moment. Etro presents daring new interpretations of jackets and overcoats which, for their length, flowing cut and decoration, remind one of Victorian England.

Colours range from powerful contrasts of black and white to glittering accents of bright red, bordeaux, emerald green, shades of violet and orange. They are skilfully juxtaposed and used both with the Etro classic tribal pattern, as well as in plain tints, wide stripes, lots of polka dots and some check. Plus the magical optical effect of feathers.

Materials comprise damask, brocade, bouclé wool and velvets, silk, flocked fabrics and double jacquard. These combinations are not always simple to match and wear, and so they are for individuals who are accustomed to taking risks, secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, they will not go unnoticed.