Prada at the Milan fall-winter 2012-2013 men's fashion shows Featured

Classical piano, classical Prada

What does it mean when famous people are on the runway modelling the clothes, to the sounds of classical piano? It's pure entertainment, particularly as they seemed to enjoy it no end, and the garments were as spectacular as their films. The show actually took place just six hours before the proclamation of the Golden Globes (great success for The Artist with director Michel Hazanavicius and actor Jean Dujardin; and for George Clooney with The Descendants and Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady).

Stepping out onto the largest red carpet he has ever seen – it took up the entire floor area of a gigantic hall – Actor Adrien Brody (Oscar for The Pianist, more recently Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, which won the prize for best screenplay at the 2012 Golden Globes) wore a spectacular long red double-breasted overcoat reminiscent of Empire royalty, with contrasting light grey/black fur collar that added a Russian touch. Willem Dafoe wore a formal black suit and overcoat, and likewise Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Emile Hirsch, Alexandre Carril, Victor Carril, Garret Hedlund and Jamie Bell all stepped out dressed in classic Prada.

Miuccia Prada had previously informed the press that the collection was inspired by powerful men. The influences were diverse, but common denominators were the relatively dark colours, principally grey, with camel, bordeaux and blue accents. The name of the game is complexity, a layered look that runs from a high-necked undershirt to shirt, waistcoat and jacket, adding subtle touches of chiaroscuro and colour matching with accessories.

Wire-rimmed sunglasses were sported at the top pocket, along with other accessories such as oval pins, pens and carnations, in a feature that was reminiscent of military medals, particularly in a dramatic look with pure white overcoat. The "archduke" impression was reinforced by the close-fitting, tightly fitting garments with complex lapels and collars, the ubiquitous pinstripes, the cummerbunds, and the chunky shoes, some of which in black and tan, two-tone version.

Other looks were quintessentially decadent and Belle Epoque, with overcoats resembling silk housecoats and dressing gowns, and a trouserless white tie that would take an act of courage at a formal event! A waistcoat became a trenchcoat worn underneath the outer garment in one all-grey look, in which the classic Prada trainers appeared. Other style-setting details included the handkerchief of the overcoat pocket, high-tech, shiny lapels, and very wide white collars. Imagine the Beatles doing Sergeant Pepper back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian empire and you get an idea of the delicious quirkiness of this collection.