Dieter Kuckelkorn for hand-crafted shoes Featured

Footwear masterpieces made exclusively of finest leather

They carry us through the day, and yet are often neglected and taken for granted: our feet. We spend many hours of the day on them, and so they should be given a perfectly fitting environment that enables them to breathe. Machine-made shoes only fulfil this essential prerequisite in rare cases. At the shoe manufacturer Dieter Kuckelkorn, located in the Spanish La Mancha region, just 20-25 welt-sewn pairs of shoes are made every day, at superb levels of quality. Quality you can quite literally feel, and that makes Kuckelkorn shoes the most exclusive of their kind.

Dieter Kuckelhorn is an excellent example of quality generated by fine traditional craftsmanship. Born in Aachen, he emigrated to Spain with his parents at the age of seven. His interest in everything unique and refined grew from an early age. In his early twenties, he returned to his home country, where he launched his first shoe collection as early as 1975. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to constantly improving his shoes, creating many innovative features.

Great things require patience. Through a long series of production stages, a pair of Dieter Kuckelhorn shoes sees the light after a period of up to eight weeks. First and foremost, Dieter Kuckelkorn is concerned with perfect fit, which is why he designs and shapes the lasts himself, in order to cater for the different ergonomics of Middle European feet. Natural upper leather and pit-tanned insoles and outsoles make for breathability and perfect heel-to-toe movement. Based on the designs of the master, 22 staff members work with exclusively hand-selected leather sourced from the world’s best tanneries, largely avoiding any mechanical manufacturing in the process of making the shoe.

The shoe sole is constructed with an extremely durable welt, a midsole cork filling, and double-stitching with pitch-coated shoemaker’s thread. As a result, Dieter Kuckelhorn shoes are extremely durable. At the factory in Spain, lovingly restored sewing machines dating back to the early 1900s are still humming away. All production stages require meticulous precision, right down to the smallest details. According to the owner, a great amount of experience, patience and above all passion are necessary to turn a shoe into an aesthetic work of art.

Every year, around 360 pairs of shoes for men and women are created, all equally comfortable and timelessly beautiful. The women's range is characteristically masculine, devoid of superfluous decoration. The range comprises diverse collections from stylish luxury to newly interpreted classics and the casual shoe “Super Ligero”. Following current fashion trends is not what Dieter Kuckelkorn is pursuing. He is rather striving for highest quality and longevity of his leather classics. “A good shoe will be with you for many years”. And this is absolutely feasible, as long as the shoes are given the right care.

Dieter Kuckelkorn supplies the most exclusive fashion houses and shoe stores all over the world. In Germany, this exquisite footwear can be obtained at Quartier 206 in Berlin, to mention just one store. However, the beautiful flagship store is situated in Aachen, at Elisabethstraße 4, offering Italian, mostly hand-tailored garments for men and women, as well as luxurious accessories. Take your time while receiving expert advice in a stylish setting. Dieter Kuckelkorn is a man who understands his craft, and is also happy to fulfil individual customer requests. Delighted Kuckelkorn wearers have been flocking to Aachen for many years, from near and afar.