La Perla, the most sensuous brand in the world Featured

“The Roaring Collection” was inspired by the languid charm of the 1920s

It all began in the year 1954, when Ada Masotti, investing all her energy and devotion, opened a small dressmaking workshop in Bologna with the promising name La Perla, the pearl. With her crafts skill that has continued to be an integral part of the company’s philosophy up to this day, she laid the foundations for worldwide success. Today, just as before, and with the same unswerving devotion and passion, delicate lingerie and beachwear are created, produced exclusively in Bologna. From sublime underwear to the James Bond bikini, La Perla revolutionized the underwear market, making lingerie a part of lifestyle, not least with the launch of the first coloured two-pieces in the 1960s.

La Perla is an expert when it comes to body culture. Its sensuous creations combine quality with finest Italian craftsmanship and design, as well as innovation and tradition. Now as then, only the best materials such as precious Leavers lace are used, and the most intricate techniques such as Frastaglio. Leavers lace was developed in the 19th century and is distinguished by its high-definition design and its delicate texture. Frastaglio is a traditional Florentine technique, a precious flat-stitch embroidery that achieves an effect on the fabric far superior to many other embellishments. Precision and attention to detail take on a different meaning. They are brought to a new dimension.

The La Perla style is a tribute to timeless femininity with an Italian touch, embodying the ideals of sensuality and luxury characteristic of the company since its foundation. With the new autumn/winter collection, “The Roaring Collection,” inspired by the elegance and languid charm of the 1920s, the lingerie brand demonstrates its energy and exclusivity yet again. Travel back to the Roaring Twenties: Art Nouveau lace, patterns depicting the typical marabou feathers, tuxedo-effect details, fluffy fringing and a sophisticated mix of materials such as tulle and silk satin create a beguiling effect. La Perla is truly a master of textile seduction. Any woman can feel like a queen, without holding a sceptre and wearing a crown. In line with the La Perla mission – lingerie for women with discerning tastes.

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