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Tips on how to make your new wardrobe shopping an adventure for two

Asia Pacific’s hot trend of matching couples fashions has progressed over the past decade from matching t-shirts to must-have accessories and coordinating collections from leading luxury brands. Couples who partake in this sartorial alliance say it is just one more way they can demonstrate their affection for one another.

Successfully coordinating tasteful garments to wear out together can be a rare and fun bonding experience. Together you can indulge in a shared passion for fashion by deciding which brands you both like and which pieces from their collections best suit your taste. So whether you are all in favour of dressing for two or want to test the waters, here are our tips for how to ensure that you and your better half achieve fashion harmony.


The use of colour can be an instant means to coordinating your looks. Remember, that the item of colour doesn’t have to be identical on each of you either. One can wear a tie or vest in one colour, brown for instance, and the other reflects that same colour in a skirt or trousers. Shanghai Tang has several stylish propositions in the form of a striking orange blouse for her with matching trousers for him, or a red handbag for her and a red lined jacket for him.

You can also choose to complement one another with opposite colours like a totally black ensemble contrasted against one all in white for a yin and yang approach. Our advice is to use a hint of colour – through a scarf, belt, collar or shoes – just enough to show that your bond goes beyond the stitching.


Depending on the occasion, get creative and construct outfits together. If you’re heading out into the chill, decide on an outdoorsy theme for instance and dress it up with fur or trench coats, teamed with denim and stylish boots. At Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi designed outerwear that unifies the men’s and women’s collections. We saw brown mink fur coats for both, as well as printed fox fur coats for him with matching stoles for her.

Loro Piana is another brand that uses lush furs like mink for both men and women. Opt for their signature cashmere soft double coats or Wind Storm System jackets accented with fur details.



are one of the best ways to instantly achieve coordination. Pick up matching leather goods, scarves, footwear and eyewear with a brand’s signature mark like Louis Vuitton’s Damier Ebene canvas or Epi leather, Burberry’s Haymarket check or Gucci’s GG fabric. Being travellers, we think that matching luggage is one of the best ways to prepare for a romantic getaway. For carry-on luggage, we like Grand Hotel duffel bags in buffalo leather from Lancel’s travel collection, which comes in seven different colours so you can decide whether you want to match both colour and design.

A couple that plays together stays together, and playing with style is a great way to shop. The creation of high fashion is a labour of love in itself, so let these extraordinary pieces play a role in your own love story. Use colours, themes and accessories to transform yourselves into the picture perfect pair.

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