Aristopaws, from dog mansions to Jimmy Chew shoes Featured

What do you give to someone who has everything? Something for their pet!

Aristopaws is a new top-end online boutique for cats and dogs. Launched on 31 October 2011, it offers a unique and exclusive collection of the most exclusive luxury dog clothes, exquisite handmade beds and furniture together with bespoke diamond and Swarovski accessories from the world’s leading designers for cats and dogs.

The site is a creation by UK-based lawyer Julia Bell, who worked for over a year to source designers and design the website. The result is unusual and offers an extraordinary range of products, which represent ideal gifts for people who have everything including a cherished pet. Aristopaws presents many products which are either exclusive, or else sold by only a handful of retailers. Common denominators of the products, predominantly from Europe and the USA, are quality, beauty, and functionality. Above all, they have been chosen bearing in mind the welfare of the animals concerned.

Brands include Haute Puppy couture, a top American dog clothes designer specializing in bespoke gowns for all occasions. In addition there are some stunning dog mansions, haute couture beds by Chien Vivant Couture, and the award-winning Pet-Interiors, a German company whose specialization is interior design furniture for cats and dogs. Lillibed is a company that has become famous for its Swiss quality sofas, cushions and blankets for pets, while Andrea Levine is renowned for diamond dog jewellery.

Examples of products stocked by Aristopaws include the Four-row Swarovski dog collar, in pink and brown Italian leather with four rows of Swarovski Elements crystals. It is hand-made in the UK, and other colours are available on request. Matching leads are also available.

For cats, there is an extensive range of beds. including faux leather, real leather, fur, velvet, wicker and even orthopaedic versions. The Rondo series of beds and scratching posts has a distinctive modern design, and enables the cat to sleep in a chic oval nest on a floor-stand or attached directly to the wall.

Dogs can drink from a porcelain bowl entirely studded with clear or gold Swarovski crystals, and there is a complete range of dog beds and cushions in various colours and finishes. Luxury dogs prefer dog mansions to kennels, and so you can opt for the Alabama Dog Mansion, based on historical models in the American state. The entrance is flanked by Doric columns topped by an Attic architrave, and the roof is lovingly detailed, with real bitumen shingles providing perfect protection from rain. Lattice windows are glazed with break-proof window glass. These mansions are made to order in Germany and shipped world-wide.

Some of the products reveal the same tongue-in-cheek humour that produced the famous "Dogiva" chocolates back in 1984. There are some chewy treats for dogs that include a Cuban cigar, a "Sniffany & Co." blanket, "Chewy Vuiton" and "Dogior" handbags, a "Gucchewi" purse, and of course, Jimmy Chew shoes!

The bottom line is that Aristopaws caters for the concept that animals enhance family life, and so discerning owners and their friends can take pleasure in providing pet accessories in line with their lifestyle. It's not about the exploitation of pets as accessories, but simply providing a solution to their needs. Just take a look at the Aristopaws website, which provides safe and secure on-line payment.