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Luxury brands create versions to suit all tastes

The iPad is one of the top-selling pieces of high-tech around today, and so it is no surprise that luxury brands have not wasted any time in creating cases for them. A case provides extra protection as well as a degree of personalization. Some brands, notably Stella McCartney and Tod's, have created cases that present recognizable elements of brand identity, such as Stella's chain outline, Louis Vuitton's familiar monogrammed version, and the famous Burberry check.

Other brands have tried to add extra function, such as pockets for papers, business cards and so forth - though it has to be said that adding pencil and paper to an iPad rather defeats the object!

Mulberry and Hermès have created smart cases that adjust the unit to the most comfortable position. Tod's cases are possibly the most expensive on the market, about $4,900 for the version in hand-crafted alligator skin. They also run a cheaper model in calfskin at about $495. Pineider, another Italian brand specializing in leather products, makes an iPad case in two versions, the "Country" which is a simple envelope (€145) and the Collezione 1949, with a flap with space for papers and business cards (€250).

There is an infinite range of functional, non-luxury cases, which is not LUXOS territory. However, we wanted to include a rather sinister-looking case, the RibCage, with ribs and spine that are designed to add protection. It is made of faux leather, available in four colours, at $35, from SwitchEasy.

Whichever your choice, the benchmark is linked to price, of course. Should the case cost less or more than the actual iPad?