J'Adore - the prestige edition Featured

The secrets behind the creation of this remarkable Haute Parfumerie masterpiece

“Monsieur Dior loved woman first and flowers second.” This is how François Demachy, Dior’s perfume creator, remembers Christian Dior. A genius who was fascinated by the female figure throughout his career, from his impeccable fashion designs to his sensual fragrances.

His triumphant exclamation ‘j’adore’ was his nod of approval for everything created by his maison. It was an inspired choice as the name for the fragrance created from a perfect combination of floral notes 12 years ago. Like all things Dior, an impeccable product required an appropriate visual presentation, and so a design was sought to capture this timeless perfume.

Since its creation, the perfume quickly became an icon for the House of Dior, and so it seemed only fit to turn back time and return to the classic amphora designs that identified Dior’s earliest fragrances. A step further was taken by modifying the profile of the amphora, in a stylized design representing the female figure with bust, waistline and hips forming a ‘figure of eight' shape. Finally an extra accent was added, in the form of an elegant neckline reminiscent of Masai women, adorned with golden bands.

Today, the maison has created an exquisite edition – J’Adore Édition Prestige. This exclusive edition is the result of cooperation between Dior’s design team, Baccarat’s crystal experts and the very finest goldsmiths. As Monsieur Dior would have said, “working with only the best craftspeople in the most noble of crafts.” Each bottle is hand-crafted and hand-blown, carefully shaped to the desired dimensions. The decorated neckline is then meticulously decorated with gold threads, each placed with great precision, so that the complete group forms an exquisite collar. The result is a unique masterpiece; the bottle is a true gem.

An object of such value needs a suitable case, and so to complete the package the perfume is protected by a wooden case made entirely by hand, with interior lining in white leather and grey satin. And for the final touch, the bottle is held in place by a delicate and strategically positioned gold thread. Simply impeccable or more appropriately, ‘j’adore!’

This limited edition is the ideal present for that remarkable woman in your life. It speaks of taste and style, from the impeccable package, right through to the glamorous bottle and heady fragrance inside.

J’Adore Édition Prestige is the perfect example of the maison's approach, as expressed by Monsieur Dior himself. “True luxury demands exceptional materials and meticulous craftsmanship.”

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