Lardini: A Story Made in Italy Featured

The Italian suit masters show us what goes into making their suits

Le Marche is one of Italy's most remarkably beautiful regions, known for its rolling hills, seaside and exceptional cuisine. It's a well known fact that the best shoes are made here, but it was thanks to an autumn excursion that we discovered that some of Italy's finest suits are also manufactured here.

The mark of a Lardini suit can be recognized by the quality of the cut and materials along with the charming little flower crafted in wool that is worn accessorized in the button hole of a collar.

Lardini is a family operation which has its beginnings in the 1970s when its sibling founders were only in their late teens and early twenties.

As soon as we met the Lardinis we could see how each plays their own integral role in the company.

Brother Luigi Lardini, (outfitted impeccably from head to toe) is the creative visionary behind the design and style, older brother Andrea is responsible for developing the technical side of the operation thanks to his engineering background, sharply dressed sister Lorena is the brains behind the financial and administrative aspect of the company and their lovely younger sister Annarita helms the manufacturing procedures with a keen eye to ensure each suit is produced to their high quality standards.

Our tour of the Lardini factory revealed an impressive operation that employs over 300 internal employees, along with 800 external employees - each of them masters of their specific trade be it design, sewing, fabric preparation or sales. The Lardinis definitely take the term 'family' to heart, treating their employees with great respect, a respect that shows itself resplendently in the final product.

Why else would brands like Burberry, Valentino, Versace and Etro choose to have certain suit models made here? (Yes that Burberry blazer you're wearing may very well in fact have been made here in Ancona) "Our 33 years of experience offers our clients an exclusive know how, which is indicative to products that are made in Italy as opposed to other countries," explains Andrea as he takes us through the factory.

Lardini is the kind of 'Made in Italy' story we love to hear, one that marries a passion for one's land and culture - 'Marchigiano' in this case, along with the a supreme quality that one can feel the moment they slip a jacket on or a pair of trousers - this is high fashion at its finest.

The good news from our press trip: they have a women's collection in the works!

Where to Buy Lardini:
Currently distributed in multibrand stores, as well as their own monobrand boutiques in places like China, Ancona and Moscow, Lardini is planning boutique openings in Milan, Dubai, Kiev and St. Petersburg. They will also offer online shopping. You can also order your own custom made to measure suit from the brand. Visit their website for more info.

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