Bye Steve Featured

A tribute to Steve Jobs

Today, luxury means having quality time. Which means working efficiently. Here in our office at LUXOS, we are surrounded by machines bearing an apple logo with a bite out of it. We press the button and start work a few seconds later. Quick, easy, pleasant. You made the T in IT easy, leaving us the chance to get on with the "I." I'm old enough to remember a computer, my first work computer, that had a green screen, no hard disc, two five-inch floppies, one for data, one for the programme. It was a step beyond a typewriter and carbon paper, but only just! That was what you changed.

Luxury to me means being able to work surrounded by beauty. I'm looking at a screen in brushed aluminium supported by a simple curved aluminium bracket. The screen is surrounded by a black outline. It's a masterpiece of rational simplicity. You have provided the frame, allowing us to fill it with beautiful content, whether it be our personal screensaver, or our graphics, our page design, our fashion shoots, covers. Our luxury.
Luxury means inspiration. Creating an idea that, one hopes, could change the world. Success is elusive and needs a huge amount of hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes, perhaps nearly always, the idea just doesn't catch on and we have to start again from scratch. But you, with your incredible dreams that truly changed the world, are a source of constant inspiration.

There are lots of important brands in the world today, brands with which we interact all the time. We drink Coca Cola, and Starbucks coffee, eat Big Macs (not yours!), fill our tanks with Esso and Shell. Our relationship with the bitten apple brand is different, because these are products that enable us to communicate, to create, and to enjoy. It's not just consumerism, but an interaction with the world that is clean, based more on bytes and less on burning energy. It feels like the only future that our world can sustain.
Most of us in the world of media and communications can tell our own stories in terms of our relationship with Apple and Mac. Thanks for all that, Steve Jobs. Thanks for the ride!