Salvatore Ferragamo Spring / Summer 2012 Featured

Fashion Show Review of the new collection from the Italian fashion house

Salvatore Ferragamo summer fashion trends encompass many different facets of high fashion design from striking prints to rich, bold colours and sumptuous materials. Colour blocking and tropical meets tactile seemed to be throughline for the new collection. Exotic prints in brilliant fucshias, tangerines and sapphire blues are sure to grace many a French Riviera boardwalk and first class flight next summer. The cuts are highly flattering and seductive, but never overly revealing – encapsulating the persona of a trendsetter who is the consummate lady.

Leopard inspired prints in colourful mixes like violet and crimson or classic black and champagne mean animalier is back again next season. Halter and sleeveless knee-length dresses top our list of musts as well as evening wear that flowed dramatically behind the models making their way down the catwalk.

Oversized jacket and trouser suits in Prince of Wales check are the new pattern for next season (houndstooth was the headliner for Fall/Winter 2011-12). Of course the suits were colour blocked with matching acqua and fuchsia clutches. So prepare yourselves ladies, next summer is all about colour, lots and lots of it!

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