Loro Piana 2012 Gifts Featured

Tasteful Christmas, special occasion and thank you gift ideas for the luxury connoisseur

Loro Piana is a name synonymous with luxury, possessing the unique reputation of being a high-end brand, as well as the world’s largest cashmere manufacturer. Manufacturing cashmere and purchasing the world’s finest wool are not all they are known for however, with a line of exquisite products available in their boutiques which can be found in the world’s premier shopping areas in Europe, Asia and the USA – from New York’s Madison Avenue (#821) to Hong Kong’s Harbour City, Kowloon – today Loro Piana’s unparalleled quality and superior details are of international recognition.

This season, instead of presenting the press with a women’s ready-to-wear line, we were pleasantly surprised to find a line of tasteful and one-of-a-kind gift ideas proposed for every imaginable type of occasion. Whether you are invited aboard a friend’s yacht or need a particular type of Christmas gift, you will undoubtedly find a solution in Loro Piana’s new line of gifts.

Highlights that LUXOS loved were cashmere ‘toys’ for adults resembling boats, helicopters and automobiles, fine leather tennis bags and iPad cases, cashmere table covers with chess, checkers and other social game layouts to play a game wherever you are in the world. Specially crafted jewellery boxes and cigar humidifiers were also the perfect present option when gifting a colleague, loved one or acquaintance.

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