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The new Diamond Collection ensures sleep like you have never felt it before

What is luxury today? Some people would say that it has something to do with the amount of time you can dedicate to the things you like doing. Others would think about quality of life. At Marshall & Stewart, a British family-run business, they have no doubts about the real value of quality, which in a way encompasses both the concepts mentioned above. Marshall & Stewart have a lot of experience in a sector which has a considerable importance in everyone's lives. They have understood that every person spends a third of their life in bed. This is not time wasted, on the contrary: the third of a person's life in bed is the foundation for the two-thirds they spend awake. Marshall & Stewart make beds that correspond perfectly to the specific needs of each customer, considering size, weight and lifestyle.

"To sleep well is to live well. This is our mantra, inspiring us to create beds of exquisite comfort, quality and craftsmanship," says Brent Cooper, MD at Marshall & Stewart. Their Diamond Collection is made entirely by hand, using traditional techniques in combination with innovative designs. The six models, Koh-I-Noor, Culinan, Orloff, Florentine, Sancy and Hortensia, have a progressive, intelligent spring system which provides superb comfort. The springs are encased in nature's finest materials, including softest cotton, luxurious blends of lambswool and cashmere, and clouds of hand-teased loose horsehair. Each bed is supplied with a 25-year guarantee.

Bed personalization begins with mattress tension. It also extends to visual design features, so that customers can choose from a selection of bed legs and fabrics. You can even choose your own fabric, which can be used on the divan and headboard.
This sort of hand-made quality of course puts Marshall & Stewart beds into the luxury category. Prices range from £5,500 to £21,000. But those six-seven-eight hours a day are a vitally important, and enjoyable, part of our lives, and, with what amounts to a generation-long guarantee, a top-quality bed can be justifiably considered as an excellent "sleeping investment."

What is the difference between an ordinary bed and a luxury Marshall & Stewart bed? Brent Cooper provides the answer. "For decades the UK bed industry has been laying dormant, creating good beds but focusing solely on the support they provide. At Marshall & Stewart we look at things differently. A bed needs to be supportive, but it must also complement a person's sleep cycle. Only then can the bed induce excellent-quality, restorative sleep. When this is achieved correctly, as it is with the Diamond Collection beds, a person will experience a kind of sleep beyond their wildest dreams."

The Koh-I-Noor and the Orloff are the company's flagship beds. They have superb bases with hour-glass springs that are hand lashed. The Culinan, Florentine, Sancy and Hortensia beds feature the latest contemporary spring technology, for luxurious support and superb sleep comfort. All models are layered with lambswool, cotton and horsehair and each mattress is built around an intelligent spring system to provide ultimate comfort.

The photos illustrating this article provide an indication of the style and quality of these products. However, we recommend visiting one of the company's showrooms, in London or in Walton-on-Thames, where you can take a close look at these masterpieces. You can also receive a complimentary personal sleep consultation with a bed expert. For further information, visit or call 0800 002 9104.

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