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Superb hand-crafted pens celebrating Istanbul history

The conquest of Istanbul in 1453 by Mehmed II marked the beginning of a new era in world history. As Ottomans took this beautiful city from the Byzantines, the darkness of the Middle Ages slowly began to fade, giving way to the light of the Renaissance.

Constantinople was believed to be a very difficult city to conquer. It was protected by miles-long walls and fortresses and chains across the bays to prevent ships from entering. Mehmed II used the newly-invented cannonball to wear down the city’s resistance. When his army could not pass through the chains in the sea, he ordered greased logs be laid down across the district of Galata to roll his fleet over to the Golden Horn.

Renowned Turkish author and journalist, Celal Uster, wrote that “...the characteristic qualities of each and every leader lie in their ability to implement thought into action. With cunning strategies and smart moves, Mehmed II acquired the name of ‘Conqueror’ as his pen was mightier than his sword.”

The ability to examine, analyze and strategize are timeless qualities which every leader must possess, be it in the political or business arena. The design of the OMAS 1453 ‘The Conquest of Ä°stanbul’ pen was created and hand-crafted with this idea in mind. Trained and experienced in jewellery design at prestigious brands like Bulgari, designer Flaminia Angelone worked with Arte Gioia to create a unique masterpiece revealing one of the most crucial landmarks of the city’s history.

The body of the pen is adorned with two eloquent relief-worked medallions which represent the city of Constantinople and Mehmed the Conqueror, while the top of the cap bears the Sultan’s signature. The domed knob of the pen depicts the magnificent dome of Hagia Sophia, engraved on the 18 carat gold nib.

This uniquely hand-crafted pen can be purchased in three colour and material choices: sterling silver, rose gold or white gold and diamonds. 1453 pieces were produced in silver with yellow gold vermeil treatment and black enamel. 29 pieces, inspired by the date of the conquest, May 29, were produced in rose gold, reminiscent of a sunny spring morning in Istanbul. And finally only 5 piston filling fountain pens were hand-made in white gold and diamonds with maroon enamel on the barrel. All pens come in their own exquisitely crafted wooden boxes with galleys stylized on the top, a special tool for today’s leaders to sign a legacy of their very own.

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