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Lancel's line of Adjani handbags are the quintessence of French flair, design and quality

Few things stand the test of time. With much of our history having been shaped and structured by the great men of the past, it was often the tales of female style icons that found their way into the narrative. Such is the case behind the French maison of Lancel which began with a resourceful woman. The year was 1876 and the setting was Paris. The young Angèle Lancel was inspired by lively Parisian neighbourhoods and the shift from Victorian styles to boudoir-like fashions that would soon take Paris by storm in venues like the Moulin Rouge.

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Angèle opened her first shop by the newly installed Opéra Garnier selling handbag accessories, a product the house of Lancel has built a fashion empire with over the past 135 years. Over time the house has grown and increased its offering of luxury goods.

The Lancel DNA has always incorporated the idea of French Légèreté – meaning lightness. French Légèrete is all about a woman taking the lighter things in life seriously, and serious matters lightly. A very laissez-faire approach that puts the focus on enjoying life with an emphasis on style and quality.

One of France's modern-day leading ladies, actress Isabelle Adjani, has joined forces with Lancel to create a line of handbags that embrace the concept of French Légèreté. The L’Adjani handbags can be likened to a luxury bag of tricks with 20 cleverly and stylishly placed inner and outer pockets to conceal every day necessaries from cosmetics to smartphone. Each handbag requires 20 hours of fine craftsman labour, 50 pieces of leather and 150 design manipulations.The new collection comes in a selection of colours and exotic leathers such as cowhide and deer with Art Deco accents. Variations include the L’Adjani Facon Croco with crocodile-printed calfskin and the L’Adjani Facon Autruche done in an ostrich pattern with a double-sided design that you can change up depending on style preference. The multi-pocketed, versatile bag acknowledges that there are more than one side to a woman.

Lest we forget the gentlemen, it’s common knowledge that the house of Lancel branched out early on to cater to a masculine clientele. This season's ‘Saturne’ collection brings a hint of French flair with a national tricolour tag. The collection is all about casual leisure and uses soft cowhide leather in a range of weekender and travel bags. New briefcases from the ‘Pluton Leather of Rhodes’ collection are a throwback to the hard-shell cases typical of high-class businessmen in the 1930s and 1940s. Sharp and functional for business appointments, with guaranteed durability in tough leather. The unique Lancel ‘L’ logo glimmering on the buckle carries a tradition of Parisian style.

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