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A look at current fashion trends in denim

Trends come and go, resurfacing periodically when the vibe seems right and consumers are ready to let a style back into their wardrobe. After a significant absence of over ten years, denim is making a a significant comeback in boutique windows . No wardrobe staple will serve you for as long or as well as a solid pair of jeans. You can dress them up for the evening with a lacy blouse, blazer and pair of platforms or dress them down in a t-shirt and sneakers. Trousers, skirts, blouses, handbags, complete outfits, lingerie – it's hard to find something denim hasn't touched when it comes to fabrics.

Yet denim is an entity that is still hard to find in well known designer boutiques. We've seen it creep into Brioni this season with crocodile accents, but denim has typically been more reserved to a select few houses like Levi Strauss, Miss Sixty and True Religion that specialize in working denim into the pieces we wear on laidback days and casual Fridays.

We recently discovered an interesting player in the luxury denim market in the form of Jacob Cohen, (named after the partner of Levi Strauss) an Italian brand specializing in tailored jeans. The intruiging bit is that these handcrafted, tailor made jeans can create the illusion of being dress trousers or remain true denim blue.

The new collection for FW 2011-12 designed by Creative Director Nicola Bardelle has a look for every type. For Jacob Cohen Woman the choices range from classic blue to retro trendy. Distressed jeans are all hand done for that grunge look, while chinos come in a number of different hues like caramel, red, black and grey. Fun and unique patterns one usually wouldn't attribute to denim emerge in the new collection like checkers, Scottish plaid in many different colours and army print accents. The fit ranges from skinny to flared to bootcut depending on preference. Another original style we saw were jeans that have a trouser look and loose fit.

Jacob Cohen Man for FW 2011-12 is more concerned with renewing traditional sartorial concepts by implementing five pockets into each design and giving denim a more elegant feel. With 35 different denim variations and over 500 handcrafted pieces to choose from, men will be set for any occasion with a pair of Jacob Cohens in the closet. Jeans go through four chemical washings to change their characteristics depending on whether its dark denim or lighter shades.

The men's capsule collection, the Golf Edition is a homage to the sport with garments done in soft cottons, denim and wool with shades of green, beige and brown dominating the colour palette. Also of note are special pockets designed to hold golf tees. An inspirational quote lines the inner waist of the trousers reminding its owner to “go to bed with a dream and wake up with a purpose.”

Both Jacob Cohen Man and Woman have knitwear pieces in the form of coats, jackets, polos and sweaters to compliment the line of denim. The brand uses exclusive luxury wool from distinguished houses like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana and Carlo Barbera. Reversible jackets are also of note for their two-looks-in-one.

Sartorial denim from Jacob Cohen is sure to be a top contender in this and the upcoming season's denim trend.

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