Brioni: a Man's Man Featured

Luxos curates the Brioni men's collection for Fall/Winter 2011-2012

American author and playwright Gore Vidal said "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”

The more a man learns about fashion, the more he gains an appreciation for the fine mechanics of crafting an ensemble. It starts with the purchase of a suit for the office, then it's a cashmere coat to fashionably face the cold, then it's a formal tie to wear to his first night at the opera. A gentleman's wardrobe grows with time as do his tastes. A man with style is a man who takes pride in himself and the image he puts out there of himself. And yes, while a great deal of care goes into choosing his threads and accessories, at the end of the day it's about not giving a damn and embracing a look because he likes it, it's comfortable and it makes him feel confident in himself and his appearance.

Style does not come overnight, but acquired with each new piece we acquire for our personal collections. As museums are curated, so are our closets. Luxos curates the new Brioni men's collection for fall/winter to assemble a list of men's musts for the 2011-12 season.

Suit and Sport

Brioni has been a leader in men's suits since it's beginnings in 1945. Many items in the new collection warrant themselves as staples in a men's wardrobe. The natural cashmere herringbone suit is a staple for any man who appreciates classic style combined with a desirable Made in Italy claim. For the evening, we spotted an elegant silk Jacquard cocktail jacket with satin lapels and intricate print, for men who'd prefer a classic look, the morning suit's long coat tails provide a stylish look that throws back to 1920s gent. Brioni's velvet blazer breaks up the monotony of any basic suit, masculine, yet stylish, the blazer can easily transition from desk to bar scene and is available in several different hues. A line of printed sportcoats serve as a nod to old Scottish style.The coats are worked in a soft Tibetan cashmere and work well for men young and old, with denim or trousers. Cashmere and shearling overcoats are soft to the touch and will keep you in good company as you hit the pavement for a working lunch.

An exciting new trend for the House of Brioni is the increased use of crocodile throughout the men's line. If you're a man who want his clothes as luxury as they get, then look no further than the clothing and accessories done in crocodile –not the whole crocodile either, just the part of the beast's stomach, why? Because the crocodile's stomach is the softest part. This detail catapults the collection into an entirely new category of luxury ready-to-wear. Our picks from the crocodile products include the soft crocodile biker jacket, classic denim jeans with crocodile accent, brushed crocodile monkstrap shoes and the crocodile patent leather handbag and wallet.

Shirts and T-shirts
The cotton dress shirts are airy and classic, with special new additions like the denim dress shirt for a man who wants to take his style back to everyday basic without losing that trendy edge. We loved the t-shirt with archive photo imprint for a more relaxed looks. The image depicts Brioni execs and expert tailors walking down a London street circa 1959. The photo marks a significant moment in history for the brand's overseas expansion and creates a garment that is a nod to vintage style and an acknowledgement towards the legacy of the brand.

Ties and scarves
As long as there has been modern men's fashion, there has been the tie. We especially liked the new cashmere knit tie because it's very unique and particular, something different to hang among the throngs of other ties. The cashmere tie is available in several different colours for fall-winter such as burnt orange, navy, black and lavender. The scarf is a fairly new additionto men's fashion in terms of being a luxury item, it is an accessory Brioni has perfected in many shapes, forms and materials such as cashmere, silks and satins.

We found ourselves admiring the unique hats in the Brioni showroom and envisioning a sea of men storming financial districts, keeping their heads warm and their outfits with these before begin a busy day at the office. Our pick is the traditional Italian cap done in velvet. For a more 'Siberian' look, go with a bearskin 'colbacco' hat in mink with leather laces.

There you have it gentleman, a collection sure to keep you stylish for years to come with a quality than can only be guaranteed from the finest in Italian luxurywear.

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