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A look at Italian luxury knitwear brand Cruciani

Crafting the finest garments on the luxury market today is no small task, especially for a brand that takes the term Made in Italy to an entirely new level. Italian Luxury brand Cruciani has been a leader in doing just this for nearly two decades. When it comes to Cruciani, you know that what you're getting is quite simply the very best in every sense of the word. The brand’s creative team leave nothing to chance when designing its collections. Every element that goes into producing a garment is carefully selected and procured. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Lets start at the beginning of this Fashion Fairytale.

It all started in the picturesque region of Umbria, known for its many beautiful villages teeming with Mediaeval and Romanesque architecture dispersed amidst rolling hills, vineyards and olive oil presses. Founder Luca Caprai started the company in 1992, basing the operation in the town of Trevi, Perugia. His vision for the brand stems from his own strong family values and esteem for the legacy of the great Italian artisans of the past. The Brand today prides itself on its impeccable attention to quality and detail.

What sets Cruciani apart from its competitors are the incredible lengths the brand has gone to manufacture its product. Every product is made with the very best materials and yarns that are sourced from around the world. The materials vary from cashmere to silk, wool and cottons. Each piece is then made entirely in Italy at their headquarters in Trevi where the brand has enlisted more than sixty skilled artisans to create the luxury line. The process starts first with the raw materials being specially stored to age them. This is done in order to bring out each material’s best qualities, in the same vein as one might do with fine wine. Cruciani has designed many of its own original materials in house including the ‘Cullinan’ and ‘Diamante Rosso’ yarn which has been certified as special and unique by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) fabric classification society. It is interesting to note that these yarns originate from fibres that are almost seven times finer than human hair. Once the materials are ready, the Cruciani Style Centre draws upon its library of 4,000 different colour recipes to decide upon the respective colours for each new collection.

Making the product even more desirable is the fact that it is by no means a typical commodity. It takes four times longer than normal to produce each individual knitwear piece, and each garment is then submitted to a rigorous quality control. This certainly brings an added value to the manufacturing of a Crucani garment when compared to the culture of mass production adopted by many brands. The brand takes an eco-friendly approach to its practices by avoiding the use of aggressive and harmful dyes, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the waste of yarn by creating a line of small accessories.

Owning and wearing a piece from the Cruciani House is an acknowledgment of the high standard to which it was made. It is allowing yourself the very best of what fashion luxury has to offer when it comes to quality and form. Cruciani customers understand and appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that goes into every piece and enjoy their purchases all the more for that.

Since early on, Cruciani has been eagerly sought after around the globe. It is available in over 400 boutiques and department stores. Today Cruciani has also branched out with several of its own retail locations in Milan, Forte dei Marmi, Tokyo and its newest edition in Dubai.

Cruciani's Dubai location is situated in the BurJuman Mall, one of the city's landmark commercial centres. The shop is the first flagship with Cruciani’s new concept and layout. The design mixes luxurious materials, lights and technology to bring an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere . The brand has now succeeded in bringing la dolce vita to the UAE with its Italian Heritage collections.

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