Simply Sermoneta Featured

Designer gloves from the famous Italian brand

Our hands are our most precious of allies, we write and type with them, we hail cabs with them, we use them to eat, we use them to make a big entrance and (and at times a quick exit!) So we should return the favour and give our fingers and palms some stylish shelter from the harsh cold and rough surfaces.

The right glove can take outwear from simple to stylish in a second, so if you're searching for the very best when it comes to this accessory, look no further than Sermoneta. Master artisan, Giorgio Sermoneta and his designer wife Manuela founded the brand in Rome circa 1960. It was a time of creative upheaval in Italy with the genre-bending films of Federico Fellini gaining international attention and Italian fashion designers being the most sought after to dress the rich and the famous. The husband and wife duo proved to be different and dynamic. Fifty plus years and they are still considered one of the best when it comes to 'handware' accessories.

The craftsmanship behind a pair of Sermoneta gloves is involved to say the least. It takes 28 working phases of complete with absolute skill and precision by ten different specialist artisans.


For the glove-lover who can't get enough, there is never a shortage of selection from Sermoneta. The House of Sermoneta come out with over 100 different models each year (all designed by Mr and Mrs Sermoneta) Sermoneta creations are done in numerous different materials like leather, suede, kidskin, cashmere, satin, lace and silk. Giorgio Sermoneta is a certifiable glove expert and a pleasure to meet, his practiced eye can identify the perfect glove just looking at a hand. Sermoneta customers always walk away satisfied, knowing they have found the perfect accessory, that fits right and will compliment both their character and lifestyle.

2011 Collection

The new line of gloves from Sermoneta is diverse and exciting, we literally couldn't choose a favourite from the showroom. The collection ranges from from long elegant gloves in leather and lace to gloves embellished with golden charms or lined with fox fur.

Giorgio and Manuela were inspired by cosmopolitan culture and the elegance of the Sixties. The highlights from the women's collection include cashmere muffs and gloves done with a customized 3D-effect cable stitch, fingerless gloves in smooth and soft nappa and leather stitched palms. The men's collection includes sporty styles like driving, golf and hunting gloves.

Just like there is no shortage in style selection, colour is also no barrier with an array of hues to choose from. The 2011 colour palette includes pastel hues and neon hues in China blue, lime green, deep pink and cherry red.

So whether it's an evening out or a motorcycle ride along the coast, Sermoneta will keep your hands looking lovely no matter what you do.