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Fall fashion trends from Piazza Sempione Fall/Winter 2011-12 womens's collection

The Italian luxury fashion brand Piazza Sempione invited us 'back home' for its Fall/Winter 2011-2012 presentation. Home was a dark and elaborate 18th century Milan apartment intriguingly called La Casa dei Demoni (the house of Demons). Needless to say our curiosities were aroused as processed up a haunted candlelit staircase. Awaiting us was a rich and dark palette of ready to wear fashions displayed throughout the many diversely decadent rooms of the apartment.

Back Home
Piazza Sempione's presentation theme is entitled 'Back Home: A Tale of Beauty and Poetry'. The idea for the collection is centred around the rediscovery of an abandoned luxury villa from a time long ago. At times, I felt as though I was walking through a Hitchcock film turning into warmly lit rooms with faded wallpaper, furniture covered in bedsheets, floors littered with leaves and bedrooms with models donning rich furs and playing cards.

Piazza Sempione's twisted take on the concept of home played perfectly with a collection that celebrates the darker and more seductive side of fashion.

Sempione Style

The new fall line embraces forms that fall softly against the female figure. The use of cardigans, gilet vests and scarves coupled with boot-cut wool trousers and suede skirts made for a collection of warm wardrobe essentials that both look and feel good. Piazza Sempione Creative Directors Ioanna Soleas and Daniele Calcaterra played with long, soft silhouettes, silk trousers that go tight at the ankle, coats in cashmere and jersey t-shirt bustiers.

The Materials

Piazza Sempione's F/W materials are precious and sourced from the top luxury fabric locations. Informal luxury is the basis of the collection that blends materials to create looks like the jacquard fil coupè (reminiscent of an antique sofa), full cashmere outfits, soft veal leather trousers, vests done in wolf fur and rabbit stoles.

The Colours

The palette is warm and rich for Piazza Sempione this fall with colours like burnt sienna, rusty brick, cinnamon, peacock green, charcoal grey and camel saturating the sumptuous fabrics. These rich colours recall those of the abandoned villa, to which the collection is inspired.


The new line of accessories have us making a mile-long wish list. Large colourful handbags, Roman spire-style bracelets, gilded tassle clutches, multi-print rustic coloured scarves, fur accented pumps and warm leather wallets would make the perfect add-on to any ensemble.

Make some space in your wardrobe for Piazza Sempione's rich and warm Fall/Winter collection, this is one house haunting we welcome with open arms!