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Luxury shoe brand Fratelli Rossetti throws art into the mix for Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Fratelli Rossetti has teamed up with American artist Rebecca Moses to create a playful collection and campaign dedicated to the shoes women dream about. The Italian shoe brand's fall/winter collection breathes new life into classic styles with a lighthearted approach to design and presentation. The colours are vibrant, the designs are crisp and our imaginations have run away to Rossetti land..

10 Shoes for 10 cities

Though she hails from the land of the free, Rebecca Moses is a self-professed Italian at heart. Her love for all things Italian relays itself into the artwork inspired by Fratelli Rossetti shoes. The designs are fun, clever and endearing. Moses has taken ten of the models from the new collection and situated them in a city where Fratelli Rossetti has a boutique. In each painting, she illustrates a stylish female caricature either wearing, admiring or even living inside a Fratelli Rossetti shoe. Each lady has something different about her depending on the shoe including her hair style, accessories and surroundings.

Moccasin heels with fringes are transported to New York City where they hang suspended over the city as the caricature plays hostess to her socialite friends. Milan is home to the classic leather loafer where ladies chat it up inside and enjoy a light meal. The Hong Kong lady snoozes along Victoria Harbour in a Fratelli Rossetti brogue shoe, while the Venice caricatures row a violet loafer like a gondola under the Rialto Bridge.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between Fratelli Rossetti and Moses has proven fruitful because we not only have a footwear collection to marvel at, but an art collection too. The brand has even created the Rebecca shoe in tribute to the artist. The Rebecca is a a stylish, polished leather moccasin with a nice chunky heel. It comes in a variety of warm fall hues like tobacco, violet and olive green. A giant version of the shoe was on display for all to see in Milan in front of the Fratelli Rossetti Boutique on Via Montenapoleone.

During Milan Fashion Week, Fratelli Rossetti also hosted an event in their boutique with a signing by Moses of her new book 'A Life of Style'. The event was a huge success drawing out art and shoe lovers alike. The windows were filled with Italian Panettone cake as a tribute to the city of Milan, one of the inspirations for Moses' artwork.

To sum it up, the new collection from Fratelli Rossetti is a celebration of cities and women all over the world who live all day in their shoes and dream all night about them too. And did we mention there's bags too? A whole new line of hobo bags and shoulder bags to coordinate your new Fratelli Rossetti kicks with for the fall.