Retro Etro Featured

A report for the Etro runway at Milan Fall/Winter 2011-12 Fashion Week

Veronica Etro used ancient and modern textiles as the inspiration for Etro’s new Fall/Winter collection. The influence of tapestries was evident throughout the runway with models sporting carpet-looking panels below the front waist and backside of various looks. The designer played off a worn-in colour palette of burnt and rust tones in pale yellows, burgundies and browns. Garment surfaces were given an aged-in quality, to give the collection a more vintage feel. Etro’s nostalgia for antique looks in an urban context played nicely into clothing with a retro attitude in modern dress.

Prints and Fabrics
The prints this season are influenced by watery and faded effects. Long fibers of fur and wool are used throughout the collection to create a reversed carpet print revealing the interweaving of a tapestry. An antique table tile print is used as an ode to old-world workmanship and strips of printed paisley are mixed with striped patterns.

Etro combines contrasting materials and weights to create an unconventional balance among the garments. For example, a single patched coat is mixed with metallized leather skin arms and a curly lamb wool collar.

The Etro silhouette for next season is all about enveloping layers that wrap gracefully around the body. The collection includes many multi-layered wrap dresses that twist around the neck and torso. We saw a lot of sliced fabric accents on skirts and ultra wide trousers.

The new accessories include luxurious mohair socks and oversized plaid scarves to keep the Etro woman warm and urban chic this fall/winter. Jewellery took a tough, metallic approach with sharp edged silver earrings, sword necklaces and amulet style chains. Belts also embraced the metallic with large buckles and chains. Handbags are hard-framed and square and the fall shoe is an urban boot lined in lamb wool lining. All in all, a chic and retro collection from Etro with all the colours of the fall.

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