Fendi at the Milan runway fashion shows, fall-winter 2011-2012 women's collection Featured

Italy's top Fashion brand brings practical, trendy elegance to Milan Fashion Week

F stands for Flawless Fendi Fall Fashion. The Creative Design team of Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi has brought us a collection that's trendy and functional, with just the right colour combinations. The line's theme was all about collage inspired by the work of German Dada artist, Kurt Schwitters. What Fendi has done is taken the concept of collage and implemented it into the collection's fabrics creating 1970s fashion shapes and styles in the iconic colours of the period. The colours are rich and wonderfully complement the designs. The Fendi Fall palette includes violet, teal, jade, mustard and burgundy. Lagerfeld stuck to a more practical outdoors style with a line of coats in the various colours paired with knit tweed skirts and trousers inspired by jogging pants.

Fendi took the collage concept and worked it into the collection's fur pieces by mixing chincilla, fox, sable and shearling together for the ultimate must-have pelt. Other accessories included the token Maryjane shoe with a mixed leather and satin heel. The handbags were compact in shiny crocodile and snake materials, with the occasional larger tote bag that comes in purple, red and lime colours.
A win for Fendi and for women everywhere who want to dress sensibly without losing the trend.

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