Arfango heels and bags, fall-winter 2011-2012 Featured

The Florentine brand at the Milan fashion shows

Alberto Moretti presents the new Arfango collection, which is a sensorial symphony, with a must-have evening bag, and heels with heights ranging from 4.5 cm to 11 cm. The game of seduction and glamour is brilliantly expressed by the Bustier series that recalls Victorian lingerie and valuable hardware. Boots, ankle versions and two pumps with 4.5 cm and 11 cm heels are adorned with a play of buttons in contrasting materials such as suede and patent leather or velvet and laminate. In "Drop," the visual motif is a reference to the sensuality of a woman’s back seen through a teardrop-shaped neckline, with shoes cut similarly on the back to display the heel, the sexiest part of the foot. In Chiffon, the gentle rustle of chiffon almost evokes sensual sounds, with fabric artfully draped around the boot to express the harmony of a female body. A special effect that highlights the intimate relationship between a shoe and desire. For a couture effect, black chiffon is swathed over nude colored patent leather.

In "Slave," a provocative effect is achieved by aggressive, slave-inspired boots with romantic detailing. Hence, the characteristic laces of these boots are combined with hand embroidered chiffon roses, creating a pleasant bittersweet symphony.
In "Camouflage Velvet", a beguiling sensation is conveyed by the softness of velvet, burnt with a special laser technique in five different intensities, as previously used in the men’s collection. This unusual fabric is offered in different styles, from a slipper to a high-heeled pump, and through to derby-style lace-ups.
The pochette is a sinuous clutch, also available in an Art Deco version in which black chiffon is casually draped around the shape, perfectly complementing the Arfango footwear.

Alberto Moretti
Alberto Moretti, 35, has been creative director of the family-owned company Arfango since 2006. The 35-year-old Florentine entrepreneur's company has a logo in the shape of a snow white owl, universal symbol of wisdom and good luck.
In just a few seasons, Moretti has transformed Arfango from a small family business into a cult phenomenon based on niche accessories and footwear, including the innovative and elegant slippers, moccasins, desert boots and bike shoes, fashioned with sumptuous velvet. He also produces shoes for Lapo Elkann’s Italia Independent brand. The brand is now available in over 200 points of sale all over the world, and it has been well received by the press and international buyers.
Moretti began his career in the family textile factories, where he developed his sensitivity to craftsmanship. He has also worked for Car Shoe, which was co-owned by his father Antonio and Prada Group’s Patrizio Bertelli. The fruitful partnership owes much to Alberto’s work on the style and quality of the product.

A collector of modern art and an experienced polo player, Moretti is one of Italy’s top polo players and has won a number of prestigious trophies on the international Polo Gold Cup circuit. He trains in the Chianti Classico area, in the province of Arezzo, where the Moretti family owns an estate, Tenuta Sette Ponti, bought from Margherita and Cristina Savoia D’Aosta.

Brand history
Arfango was founded in 1902 and quickly became a prestigious footwear and accessories brand, renowned for its exquisite workmanship and finish, including some antique Florentine techniques running back to the 15th century. Arfango reached a high point in the 1960s and 70s, based on the products' sophisticated elegance, and above all for their unique characteristics.
In 2006, the young and ambitious Alberto Moretti relaunched the brand, working on the historic leather moccasin. He updated it to create the “Velvet Shoe”, a silk velvet, hand-stitched loafer available in a range of colors including flame red, royal blue, mauve and gold, alongside the classic brown, blue and black.

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